My Life in Danger – Gulu Trip – Post #4

For those of you who have been reading my posts, you will know the first night I had a dream (nightmare) about bees and wounded my head fleeing my bunkbed in the process. My most recent brush with the dangerous parts of the animal kingdom was while walking a path (very narrow) with brush all around me. On this walk I saw a snake about 12 feet in front of me at the edge of the path. I froze, having heard a few things about African snakes (can you say poisonous!). It seemed to slip back into the weeds and I proceeded, only to see it move again. I took a step back and when I did, I saw a kid (as in baby goat) near the snake. It turns out that the snake was actually a rope tied to the kid-and when it moved, so did the snake (rope). I think my trauma from the bee attack go the better of me. As I am now seated in the Entebbe airport ready to come home (about 25 hours from now), so I don’t expect any more animal stories.

Larry Szyman

Pastor for Missional Life