A New Mission | Trip #2 | Post #4

Sunday, March 26th. As you can see from the picture, my luggage finally made its way to Gulu. It is a relief to have my toiletries and underwear to make it through the remaining six days. There was one surprise. I usually bring three buttoned-down, short sleeve shirts to wear as I teach. I can tell you right now the exact place in my home on 12th Street where they are…guess it’s time to get creative. There are some cultural differences (surprise!) here. One makes buttoned shirts a requirement of sorts. One other is the absence of shorts. So no matter how hot it gets here (today it’s a gloriously cool 77), long pants will be worn. As soon as we get in the guest house, shorts are thrown on. Fortunately, Kris Mobbs, the director of the Pastoral Training Center, is about my size. I hope to hit him up for a couple of shirts. The good news is that my shirts for next time are all ready to go for the trip in September. 

This morning we walked 2/10 of a mile from our place to Living Stones Community Church. Vincent is one of two Lead Trainers (think college TA) assigned to me for the next three years (God willing). He preached this morning and did a solid job. He has been discipled well by Kris and other leaders of this church, and I look forward to seeing his growth in this season. 

Mike, Stu and I all had a rough night’s sleep, so staying engaged in the service was more difficult than usual. The singing often happens with a clapping beat starting, singing next, and electronic keyboards jumping in last. Today I was able to persevere and clap till the end. The service is in Acholi (the local dialect) and translated in English. This is true for every part of the service except the singing. When we got back, we all made a bee line to our rooms and caught a nap. Hopefully, it won’t mess up our sleep for tonight. 

Every Sunday late afternoon the missionaries and their families go into Gulu town for dinner. I’ll be heading there soon. When we get back, I will watch FCC online and prep for tomorrow (I’m probably good to go now-but I want to be really helpful), as a new season of pastoral training begins! 

Please consider praying that Mike, Stu and I will come as servants and not experts. That we communicate well to serve the churches and their leaders. 

I realized today I forgot to give a quote from the book I am currently enjoying Union with Christ. “He came to atone for us, that we might be at one with him. In Christ, God has united his life to our and made it possible for our lives to be made new.” Page 109