A New Mission | Trip #2 | Post #2

Friday, March 24th. Last night we stayed at the guest house we have become accustomed to. It is close to the airport and comfortable. We arrived there around 11:45 pm as I had to make a claim for the two of our five bags that didn’t make it with us. One was a tote with supplies for the week. The other was my luggage! The people at Entebbe told us that they would arrive on today (Friday night’s flight) and get placed on a bus for the ride to Gulu. I could stand almost three days in the same clothes….86 degrees and abundant sunshine is making things a bit…sticky. 

We met at 6:45 for breakfast and went into our rooms to pack. It doesn’t take too long when you only have a backpack! We hit the road and discovered the rains here have been impactful. One van was swept off the road by the water and was being pulled out as we drove by. The rest of the 6+ hour trip was uneventful. 

We arrived at Abaana’s Hope, got to our place, and started getting situated. Every time we come, our return includes greater anticipation as our friendship and partnership deepens. We studied a bit, as tomorrow our Lead Trainers will come, and we will be equipping them for their contribution to teaching for the week. Putting them in a position to succeed is key to all we are doing as the day will come when they take over this enterprise and we will no longer come back. These relationships are really special. Each session we bring the nine of them a book for their personal library. We have copies of The Knowledge of the Holy, by A.W. Tozer. It is one of the books that I read annually, focusing on the attributes of God.  

We dined on chicken fingers and fries and played a new card game I learned recently. We had to start over three times as the first deck had 31 cards, the second had 41, and we had to borrow from deck number 2 to complete deck number 3. Stu and Mike like the game, so, in addition to hearts, we now have another game to play.  

Stu received an email tonight saying his luggage (a tote with no personal items) was on a plane heading for Entebbe…no word on yours truly…uh oh. Could get sticky and smelly!