The Power of Partnership – Part 2 – Gulu Trip – Post #6

All of life is partnerships and interdependence. Most of this we are oblivious to. If we took time to consider all the partnerships, that is, the way we work together and how that took place, we would hardly have time to think. I am currently sitting on seat 33C (aisle seat, yes!). My bags were moved from the plane by someone I don’t know, an employee of KLM Airlines (who is partnering with Delta!) from Entebbe origin flight to Amsterdam—and now (I hope!) is resting in this plane on its way to MSP. This seat is made by someone else, the media I will be watching is supplied by another army of people and the list goes on and on. On any given day, the list of those who have impacted any facet of life, work, and play are legion.

Some partnerships are much more personally real and vital. Your spouse, your co-workers, your neighbors. As we seek to make disciples, the same is true. The closer to where one lives, the more vital they will tend to be in the disciple making process, even when disciples are being made in another continent.

This is certainly true in the partnership FCC has with the SCVLT (St. Croix Valley Lead Team) of churches, comprising The Bridge Bible Church (Somerset), Faith Community (New Richmond), The Village Church, (Baldwin) Iglesias Cristiana (Baldwin), and The River (River Falls). We have partnered together in dreaming, praying, financing and sending instructors among church leaders in Uganda to see an abiding network of gospel centered, Bible saturated African lead churches. It appears the vision is being realized and discernible movement is happening because of a number of partners who will never have the privilege to make it to Africa (and some who would never want to-that’s ok, God is using you, too). I’m so grateful, so very aware of the many here and there that are helping make this vision more tangible with every trip to Gulu. God willing, because of our partnership with one another, and our little network of churches’ partnership with Four Corners Ministries in Uganda, hundreds of pastors will be better equipped, scores of churches strengthened and started because some people in the St. Croix Valley were gripped by a vision worthy of our Christ. The two that I have spent the most time in this endeavor are Mike Evans and Stu Dix (see picture) long time St. Croix Valley Residence. My greatest affection in partnership is for you, Faith Community of Hudson, and has not diminished in thirty years. There are great things happening and to come as we continue to walk together, partner with other churches and seek to make the kingdom of God more palpable in our beautiful Valley and across cultures-nearby and far away.

Larry Szyman

Pastor for Missional Life