That’s a Wrap…for Eight Weeks: Trip #6

I am home and had my first night’s sleep on a night we turned the clocks back (hurray!). One of the many things I am grateful for is that I like what I am doing. I love going to Uganda and I love coming home. I had an extra good reason for coming home, because when I came back home not only was Carol home, but our oldest and his family. Zack, Angie and Jadon were all helping as we are still trying to put our yard together from the storm.

The picture that accompanies this post, is one of our Lead Trainers, Pastor Bosco, teaching the last session from Ephesians and prepping the group for when we return in January. We will move onto the genre of prophecy, using the book of Isaiah. 

This is the end game of the ten trips that will have been taken by St. Croix Valley Lead Team pastors and Training Leaders International. Africans developing Africans. We are praying and laboring toward an abiding network of Gospel Centered, Bible Saturated, African led churches! Our Lead Trainers are showing signs they can move this initiative forward. Our materials are helpful for developing pastors that can understand and communicate God’s word faithfully.

Thank you for making this all possible. For the people who cover for me on Sundays when I am absent, for the prayers being offered before, during and after trips and the generosity that has funded these trips to Africa. I am very aware of the privileged position I get to play in this part of the process of making disciples far away. 

My body is tired, yet I am already looking forward to eight weeks from Tuesday, when I get to make my way back, God willing. With only three trips left, I can see a graduation in May in which leaders will be unleashed to start and strengthen churches in northern Uganda and South Sudan. Such a worthy cause as we follow a worthy Christ!

Larry Szyman

Pastor for Missional Life